Sunday, April 12, 2009


NEWS ITEM: Scientists may have found a way to erase memory from cluttered minds.


Want to forget what you remembered to remember and forgot to forget? Want to leave your mind behind? To replace that space, to some extent, with essentially more pertinent events and evidence? You may someday be able to let it go, forget it and not regret it. Scientists say there'll come the day when, by fooling with your molecules, unwanted memories will just fade away.

Literally, one day you'll be able to take your brain to the Science Super Store and tell them what you don't want to remember anymore. By injecting a drug called 'ZIP' into the area of the brain containing unwanted memory, it will dissolve and, posibly, your prognosis will be solved. One shot of this experimental mental blocking drug and that thought will never bug you ever more. It worked on four-foot animals so why not try it on two-foot fools like you and me?

Hard as it seems, the unwanted memory can't come back to haunt you in your dreams. Medically speaking, if you're seeking relief from imagined pain or brain strain, unwanted names, numbers and places you want erased, a failed romance, a chance advance, an unpleasant event, a missed investment, cash foolishly spent, whatever else that rhymes with "ent," once the memory's gone where it went that "ZIP" sent it on a one way trip to bye-bye land.

But what if that "ZIP" gets mixed up and skips the good for the bad and erases instead what little intelligence you had in your head or destroys memories you cherished? Perish the thought. Maybe you'd be better off to keep what you've got and not mess around with that molecule shot.


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