Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Isn't it strang, a nation that responded to change with a vast ovation could suddenly turn its back on Barak Obama who offered hope for a new tomorrow?

And who do too many now rally around? A rabble of losers, abusers, accusers and users, the lost but never found hangers around who respond to sound and fury, who serve as judge and jury for a nation adrift, in need of a lift out of an intolerable situation.

The lift it needs is not motivated by greed. It is caused by desperation, privation, slow starvation, inadequate education, lack of medical care and no opportunity to share the riches of the USA.

Thousands of things President Obama hopes to bring to those who have no one to turn to except the few who are willing to share their wherewithal with the rest of humanity. What the president seeks is change that cannot come about in days or weeks, but is through rebuilding a nation neglected by a selected president of the past who put the poor and insecure last and cast them adrift without the lift they desperately need. This cannot be done by the Tea Party mentality led by the GOP and the Me, Me, Me who distort and sell America and democracy short.

Once the party's history, President Obama will still be here to do what he must do to pull our country out of the mess. Guess who got us into. Then America can become again what it once was before this trouble all began.


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