Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The RepubliCANTS Party is planning an unfair affair that fits Dumbya to a T. It will be a reenactment of the Boston Tea Party that was all about taxes. This one, the GOP Pee Party, is all about Texass, and trillions in taxes caused by a lax in common sense, insane brains, incompetence and events of bloody war that still goes on, caused by a leaderless leader who should have been gone long before he went into retirement.

By now you must have guessed who messed and why this shiece of pit and his Pee Party won't be missed. But just in case your memory fails this purple traitor, Christened George III, is better known as Dumbya; All he done and didn't done, shoulda did and didna did. This purloined presidunce spent eight years doin' a lot of nuttin except stare at the panic button that, if he pushed it, the world would turn into one big burning George Bush's tush.

The deficit the nitwit Dumbya did git us into will keep the nation's cash till nil till come Dumdya's doomsday;


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