Saturday, April 18, 2009


It's time President Obama stops saying shoosh about Bush and his Repugnican thugs. In stead of playing "nice guy,make them face up to their crimes. Attribution and retribution are overdue. If he doesn't dredge up all the crap Bush and his Gang committed and never has admitted to. When reelection time draws near, you'll hear the GOP deny and lie and call the Dems a pack of whiners and deniers.

During these waning first one hundred days of the Obama administration, and all the praise the new president's getting, letting the losers go scot free makes no sense to me. It's Barack Obama's responsibility to place the liability at Dubya's feet and make him and his cohorts pay for what they did to the USA and how they weakened the American way.

The list of wrongs will be quite long. The case aginst them should be strong. There must be retribution for the ways they trashed the Constitution. The ways they disobeyed and sought to evade the very laws they made cannot afford to be ignored The torture they ordered inflicted on prisoners of an illegal war are by far weakened democracy.

The question is, who should pay and in what way? Who merits the greater blame? The order maker or the perpetrator? How do you set the amount of compensation that justifies violation of laws unjustified for a war that has never been legally declared? Should the White House cons get time off for good behavior? Should presidents be granted special favors?

Forget the name, forget the fame. All the accused must be treated the same. Let the crime determine the time or other penalty. Justice must rule, not sympathy. Even a president must be sent to jail if he or she fails to prove they're innocent. The same should be true for the person who cleans the latrine or the politicker trikster making deals behind the scene.


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