Monday, May 11, 2009


The half a We I used to be is now a Me. Or more properly grammatically. I consider myself an I. When I die I will just be a temporary memory..

I watched the You, once the better half of We, grow faint, fade and disappear. I reminisce on this and wonder, "Were ever really here?"

Life is the glue that holds two together, that binds two minds that think alike, dream alike, that care and share the good, the bad, the wish we had, two who worked things out or did without.

When our favorite song is played over and over in my mind where fantasy mirrors reality, could this be the message from Beyond I am looking for? Has my sleep opened the door that separates the living from the dead? It is said this barely happens more than once, rarely twice. How can I respond to a loved one from Beyond? How will I know my message got through to you?

It is said there is nothing God cannot do. If this is true, why cannot He, who created Adam and Eve, birds and bees, flowers and trees, land and seas, just pick up the phone and say: "Number please?"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Getting the Message Through is really the most beautiful poem! I believe your message gets through so just keep on talking.

8:17 AM  

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