Monday, May 11, 2009


The Younited Snakes of America, a reptilian organization, with millions of members, was responsible for the care and welfare of all creatures who crawl on their belly and occasionally are featured on telly nature shows.

Snakes, of course, get star-billing, willing or unwilling to cooperate on the ways in which they cohabitate with their mate, how and why they live and die and multiply, how they relate to ants, uncles and squirmy worms and other relations in North American nations and for thousands in far off jungle locations.

A situation arose among the wormy clan quite different than among a woman and man. Fornication situations between opposites like cats and dogs, flies and fleas, birds and bees are unheard of in animal kingdoms. However, research confirms, the egg of an adder and the sperm of a worm met and mated in a warm worm womb. It is fair to assume among the litter of inch worms, all teeny weeney, was a 12 inch adder. its parents embraced this freak, so to speak, as one of their kind and named the freak Jake. But when he went with his friends skinny dipping in the lake and came out dripping the water he dripped on the beach nearby left the lake nearly dry. That is why he could no longer be just one of the guys. He was prize of the litter, he was Jake the Snake.

Based on his size and weight and the state of his birth, for whatever it's worth, he gained fame based on his name and his claim to be the largest snake/worm in reptilian history To this day it remains a mystery how that adder egg found room to grow in an inchworm's womb.


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