Sunday, May 17, 2009


Weather. Breeze light as a feather. Clouds Let sunshine in to tan the skin, to warm the heart. What a woinderful way for a day to start. A breeze to ease, to live as memories to warm the heart. Rain, no strain. Pitter-patter. Doesn't matter. Starts and stops. Good for crops. Makes things grow. Life will flow and go on and on from dusk till dawn.

Suddenly, unexpectedly shrouds of clouds gather in the sky. Rain again? This time pitter-patter matters. Streams increase and turn to mud and flood, will not cease. A thrusting, blustering fickle sky begins to cry and here is why: Hurricane! Wind and rain, immense, intense, makes no sense. Mud and crud and blood and broken trees and eandering miseries.

Toilets, won't flush, sewage fills the sink. Water, water everywhere, not a drop to drink but who would think to drink it. Shingles flying though the air, signs and vines and power lines flipping-flopping, buildings toppling down.

Sirens wailing, power failing, trees swaying like belly dancers. Deluged! Winds blowing, showing wrath, throwing everything in its path. Cars and trucks, geese and ducks we dumb clucf. Wildlife and humanity crying, dying here, there. All your dreams and schemes headed down the sewer.

Panic growing, nobody knowing where to go, what to do. who to pray to, what to pray for. Why to even try.


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