Thursday, May 14, 2009


There's a lot more to being President than spending money to win a war, declared by a liar to increase popularity among the greedy at the express expense of the oppressed and needy. Make voters think the nation's on the brink of disaster and believe you're the master of their fate. Manipulate minds to support war as a last resort to defeat a danger that does not exist.

It's a mystery of history how so many could be persuaded to invade Iraq with no way of turning back. Then to continue as president after trillions wasted to wage a war invented with obvious intent.

While thousands of GIs and innocent Iraqis died and loved-ones cry, King George has the guts to do the hero strut. Those in the know, know we owe this master of deceit and sure defeat no thanks when he cranks up killing willingly to increase his popularity. Then he and the heartless GOP compound their dishonest treachery by stealing yet a second term so more would die and he could buy his way into the history books complete with a phony legacy.

This truth must repeatedly be told so the whole free world will not forget we owe no debt to these partners in a crime we will pay for far into time. Historians will ask endlessly: "How could they have been so dumb?"

Now we have a president, perhaps the best since FDR, who wants to put the past to rest, to forgive Bush and his cohorts for their mistakes and madness and remake America as the best place on earth it used to be. That's a risky policy. President Obama should know voters have a short memory.

The economy and misery George Bush left behind is more than just a state of mind. It's still a threat and, of course, could get worse, Millions may lose trillions before the Ship of State turns around and heads for higher ground.

But take heart. Our President is smart. He.has made a remarkable start. He will not let America down. Given time he'll prove his worth to Mother Earth and all the people on it.


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