Monday, June 15, 2009


Big fat Nat the cat was an avid baseball fan who had a dream to play on a Big League team, chasing fly balls in center field and winning a prize as the red hot new King of Swat. While asleep he always came to the plate with bases full. He'd take two strikes then swing. The ball took wing, zinged over the wall, never to be seen again.

It was top of the ninth, two outs, bases full, three runs behind. But fans had no fear. Fat Bat was there. "Hit a homer!" they all cried. Nat compiled. That was that. Of course, this was all just a dream. Nat had never played in a baseball game.

But all the same...One day a Big League scout saw Fat Nat the cat asleep in a park, "No doubt this cat's got to make out" he said. He signed the cat up on the spot, put him in the line-up. Right away Nat earned his pay by playing baseball in a way it had never been played before. When a high fly ball flew by, homer-bound, Nat the cat, in feline style, jumped three feet off the ground and caught the ball in his mouth. When it was Fat Nat's turn at bat he doffed his hat, picked up his tail instead of a bat and hit the ball over the center field wall. Nat never tried to slide. He jumped high and landed on home base with all his weight and smashed the catcher's dental plate.

The fans all cheered and the Baseball Commissioner ruled that civil rights regulations banned all discrimination, including the animals in the zoo and George Bush, too


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