Friday, July 10, 2009


Earthquakes and tragedies beyond comprehension sends a wake up call to all who own property within the proximity of the trouble zone which stretches from Frisco and L. A. to the Jersey Shore and---who can say?---other places in the USA. and lands on foreign shores.

Quakes and floods, deemed Acts of God, leave bloody paths of death and devastation in their wake. Who is to blame? Not man. He did not devise or improvise acts that would justify so many to die and a world to cry and wonder why.

Nature is not to blame. Along with man and beast, all lands and seas and monkeys in the trees, wind and breeze, the common cold and all things good or bad had to be created. Who or what, when or why, without hesitation or explanation, created the universe and all earthly things to be. Who decided life should begin and then created the plague of sin?

With all due respect we must direct the blame for quakes and floods and all things lethal, for good or evil, as acts created by the will of God. Man is just the instrument for fulfilling God’s original intent. God gave man free will. From the dawn of eternity man has assumed free will gave him the right to kill, to sin and do what he will, to satisfy his lust and to trash the trust God invested in him in the beginning.

Should God review the laws He made that man has disobeyed? Obviously, man can’t abide by the kind of plan God had in mind. The disregard for God’s will has gone on much too long. Man is wrong. God has the right and has the might to do what He can to redirect the will of wayward souls in a world clearly out of control.


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