Saturday, June 27, 2009


Horses and men are much alike. They both like acclaim and gain fame through competition and a immense ambition to outpace the competition in whatever race they’re in.

Both are driven by intuition and ambition to achieve success. They’ll never settle for second best. They’re determined to retain the fame of the sport they’re in. And once they win they must win again and again to stay on top, ahead of the crop of also-rans who race to take the winner’s place if he should fall behind.

Man and horse, of course, share the glory at the end of the oval ring. Fame comes and goes like springtime snows. A nose behind the winners rear once too often and you are out of here. It took the force of man and horse as a team to win and they don’t choose to lose.
Partners in the victory of the triple crown at Churchill Downs can’t let the betters down and end up place or show, a sniff behind the winner’s behind.


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