Wednesday, July 08, 2009


We all live and all will die behind one of two hidden faces. The mirror of our exterior reveals us as either achiever or deceiver and disbeliever. What ever the current event of the moment might be.

This mirror reflects, respects only what it can deflect back to the viewer only what he or she wants to see, and rationalizes the unwise will compromise, tell lies, revise or marginalize, defy or deny the lie it tells itself.

The mirror of our interior does not deny that what poses as a lie is, in actuality, a hidden and forbidden truth swimming in the ocean of our repressed emotions.

What the eye inspects the mind directs to the subconscious the guilt that filters from our no nonsense sense of common sense to the conscience of our soul. Once awakened, the inner shame transplanted to the brain cannot be taken lightly.

The nightmarish dreams we fall into nightly are the black holes of our soul which we seldom can recall or control when a new day has begun and the sun is shining brightly.

But no matter what the forecaster predicts, disaster warnings loom foretelling unavoidable doom that must be faced and placed into the routine of our uncertain, curtained sorrow.

Life’s a game of sham and shame, deny and blame, laugh and cry, live and die, solve all problems with a sigh and a nice big slice of mom’s deep dish apple pie.


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