Saturday, June 27, 2009


When a doggie’s not eating or scratching its chasing its tail but never catching. Round and round It goes and never knows the elusive tail is beyond its pale.

A dog will race and chase its extremity and never face canine reality. Of course a dog can’t catch its end, but dogs aren’t aware of this, my friend.

It’s the never knowing that keeps dogs going in yapping, snapping spirits high. They try and always fail to catch their tail, but they keep hopes and dreams alive. Thus canines strive to snare their end from sunshine’s rise to sunshine’s blend.

“Someday, someway,” a dog will pant, “that tail shan’t get away from me. I am confident of victory.” Of course a dog can’t catch its rear, but dogs don’t know of this, my dear,

Dogs have talents all men prize. In their way, they’re awesome wise. They have compassion in a fashion superior to humankind. But the canine mind can’t comprehend this fact about their other end. As they chase in circled race the rear keeps pace with the other place.

Until dogs learn this fact of science they’ll fight the world with doggie defiance. But if they knew what humans do
they’d slow down, chew a bone and leave their doggone tail alone.


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