Friday, July 24, 2009


If America’s recovery is to work all Americans must agree. GREED will benefit and feed only those who already have achieved success and will accept no less. GREED motivates and feeds their obsession. They are not affected by repression or recession. They are in professions or careers that immune them from dramatic changes in the economy.

With exceptions all they care about is the bottom line. And as long as ‘‘me and mine are doing fine don’t tax me to support people in poverty.”

NEED motivates the have-nots to strive to get what the greedy have got. They'll work hard to make their efforts pay. And if they achieve success, hopefully, they’ll be willing to help those who barely get by on less than less. Their conscience tells them: “You’ve done that, you’ve been there. You’ve done that. You should care and respect their NEED.”

They should realize what President Obama is trying to do to restore the economy makes sense and deserves a chance to advance the quality and quantity of medical care for all citizens of the USA.

If the President’s plans SUCCEED, and, indeed. many already remain confident Barack is on the right track. He was elected because he promised change. Now when he tries to do it---and has done so much in just half a year---bear with his wise leadership on our trip through the troubled waters of GWB and the GOP.

The President’s success in cleaning up Dumbya’s mess will take time. The way Bush screwed up the USA in eight
painful years was a crime.

Bush’s lies caused the death of thousands of GIs and millions of innocent civilians and spent money like a drunken sailor on an utter failure in Iraq. That and so much more is what Bush will be remembered for. What a shameful legacy he left behind.

Oboma offers a new kind of Chief of State. He has already proven it’s never too late to right what’s wrong. So string along. You’ll get the change you voted for.


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