Monday, August 03, 2009


The time has come for America to stop being so dumb and be thankful a miracle worker has come to save us from the Bush disaster faster than naysayers dreamed it could be done.

This master changer came to the White House a trusted, virtual stranger with the will, wisdom and determination, the imagination, education and creation to save this nation from the devastation of the George W. Bush Mis-administration.

President Barack Obama came into office with energy, synergy and innovative ideas galore to manage the White House store like no president had ever done before. He defied tRepublican liars and deniers, did what he knew he had to do---and before he’s done he’ll do a helluva lot more--to open the door to undreamed of opportunity that will bring a healthier economy for you and me, our country, the freedom loving lands and all those craving to be free.

Look at what President Obama’s done already and he’s ready to do more. The Bush-destroyed economy is on the mend and the end’s in sight. Win or lose. he won’t give up the fight until Congress gets it right. And at this writing the presidents fighting a winning battle for health reform. Unless there’s a last minuet storm of protest there’s a sure bet it will get passed---AT LAST!

The president changed the rules controlling credit card over charges. Obama barges in like a bull in a China shop when he sees unfair practices that should be stopped. He’s fought for families to keep their homes when foreclosure was knocking at the door.

The list goes on and on. But Republican wrecking crews spread false news, he’s done nothing to change Washington. The GOP fears if Obama succeeds, as expected, he‘ll be reelected in 12. And if the changes he makes create a lasting lusty economy, the Republicans will be the party of alsorans.

And that’s the way it should be in a true democracy.


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