Saturday, August 22, 2009


As soon as the RepubliCANTS knew they’d lose they chose the abuser-accuser-sore-loser way to steal the White House back from Barack Obama. It's the only way they know how to win. They lie, cheat, steal and misdconSCREW everything the Democrats try to do to clean up the mess Dumbia Bush left behind.

They’ll do anything they can to defeat Democratic candidates from every state on every slate who are fair and square and dare to care more for the future of the USA and the American way than for Republican lies,killing GIs and abandoning millions ill and uninsured who might be cured or at least be free of pain and agony with a little help from the GOP.

It’s about time we become less a nation of greed and reach out to those in need who cannot afford to feed their families. And a small tax on their wealth would help support health care for this needy nation. This is a pittance the rich never would miss.

If the rich were a bit less rich, and the poor not so poor, the economy might benefit and we could recover, not overnight, not quick as a wink, but faster than you think.


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