Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Terrorists are on a tear everywhere in Iraq, Afghanistan, throughout the Middle East and wherever hate and greed supersede the peoples’ need for relief from strife and a safe and sound belier life.

Buildings, homes where families live and strive to stay alive are reduced to rubble mercilessly. Hospitals, where victims of bombings suffer pain, face futures disabled, unable to function normally, after months trying to stay alive, give up the fight, close their tear-filled eyes and die.

This is one picture of terror’s effect on humanity. How long will this insanity persist? Who can say?

There are other kinds of terrorists unique to the USA. They don’t bomb and kill. Their goal: defeat the Administration’s health care legislation. They’re recruited and trained by and for the GOP and other enemies of democracy and turn the Town Halls into vrebal and often fist swinging brawls. They lie, cheat and beat their breast and do what Republicans do best, protest and cause unrest. This is how they pave the way for victory on Election Day.

If these shock jocks spread fear this year and next, voters will become so perplexed they won’t know what to do.
That will make them captives of the GOP.

If “obstructionism” becomes the new “ism” of the enemy it will spread like wildfire and minds for hire will become the profession of the chronic liar.


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