Monday, August 17, 2009


There’s a better world awaiting you when this world frees you to seek something new to do and another place to be.

When life has lost its zoom, when gloom has replaced the bloom and the name on your waiting tomb says “to whom” and your bedroom’s lost its boom, you need a new broom to sweep clean the gray and replace it with the glow of green and other colors to enhance the scenes of your dreams.

Suddenly you are breathing perfumed air, swimming in a sparkling sea with playful fish who wish you well. You can tell this is where you want to stay forever and a day. This is a world that’s pollution free, where there’s no disease, the food you eat is fat and carbo free and there’s no such thing as calories. Where scales are out of date because nobody’s under or overweight. Where there’s no army or police in a land of perpetual peace.

You are in Heaven, a heavenly place to be. There are no fools to create rules you’ll be forced to obey In this land blessed with health and harmony, love and brotherhood and all things good. This is how life should be, not how it’s become in the world you came from.

This is where angels live rent free on condo clouds, where no one plays radio or TV late at night because there is no night, the sun shines bright 24/7 in Heaven and songs of love enhance the harmony of serenity and tranquility.

This is the world you are welcomed to if you lived a life of worth on earth. From the moment you enter through the Golden Gate you take your place next to masters of the universe, authors, artists and musicians, scientists, physicians and a few honest. honorable politicians.

There’s an endless list of great achievers, believers who advanced the cause of human relations and civilization. And there are untold billions of ordinary folk whose decency and honesty won them an invitation to this “other world” community.

So when your time comes to go, you are welcome to become a member of this Heavenly family!


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