Friday, August 21, 2009


It was unbelievable. The inconceivable was achieved. No one believed it could be done, but they were wrong. It took a long time before war was declared an international crime.

Before all nations could agree with the final negotiations, ten million died, two million maimed, six nations shamed. Governments corrupted, love and lives interrupted, misery plagued humanity.

But when it was over, as predicted, the afflicted were cured, convicts reformed, weather was controlled, the young never grew old, seniors retired to life in the Florida sun, guns were outlawed and sugar buns became calorie and sugar free in the new bagel economy. The world became a land of milk and honey and non-inflationary money.

Thus began an era of scientific achievement, full employment, endless enjoyment, clean water and air were everywhere. Life was sweet, streets were neat, airplanes could not crash, banks never lacked for cash. Sin was in and every bet was guaranteed to win.

This became a reality in the year three thousand three. One world reigned, nobody complained. All refrained from breaking laws and God became Santa Clause.
* * *
This was my tale of a universe at peace, told in verse, of course.


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