Sunday, September 06, 2009


Next Tuesday should be highlighted in the THINGS TO REMEMBER future for every American, every Democrat and future Democrat, if they even THINK of supporting the GOP. The Republicans are up to their same old lies, distortions and dirty tricks just to steal more votes from the Democrats.

The latest, and one of the lousiest tricks to crawl out of their bag of worms, is opposition to the message by President Obama to the nation’s school children promoting education, ambition, perseverance and the need to become civic minded.

Nobody with a mind of their own could possibly call the Obama subject anything but an affirmation of American ideals, not deals to undermine the true spirit of our GOP-endangered democracy.

It’s a theme that should challenge and inspire the young, make them proud to be Americans and to finally have a president they can respect and emulate. But the Republican lie charges that the proposed message is a plot to lure young Americans away from the party of their parents and/or the bigots and racists of a brainwashed past, present and---who know---disgruntled future?

Republicans call President Obama’s message a “political trick.” It is anything but that, but if it inspires the young to think logically, and not listen to the fear and ignorance of the defeatist Republicans and right wing wrongers, it will have served its purpose.

After suffering their overwhelming defeat last November, Republicans openly admitted they will oppose any Obama plan that could improve his ratings and enhance the democracy he vows to defend and protect.

This threat is an obvious response to almost every initiative Obama has introduced. Republicans don’t, and never have, cared whether America rises or falls. All they want is win and hold onto power. They know, if Obama has a successful first term, he will be reelected and leave the Democratic candidate who follows him a record of achievement no Republican candidate can match.

So all Americans should recognize the real reason behind Republican opposition to Obama and the Democratic administration. They are out to win at any cost, no matter what it costs the future of America.


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