Thursday, September 03, 2009


Miss Sugar Beet met Spud the Stud while both were growing up in fertilized mud and fell in love at first bite despite the fact that she was red through and through and he had brown skin but was white inside.

Both had their roots in adjoining rows, but when news got out they planned to wed before they were fed side by side on a dinner plate. There was agitation among those who opposed vegetation integration.

The Lima and the Stringbean Greens called it obscene, that a High tone Red Beet should wed a lowdown Brown. The Beets agreed their daughter should marry Lord Harry, next in line to be King of Brussels Sprouts.

If Harry didn’t marry, Princess Okra Frinwee would be next in line to become Queen.

A feud ensued when it was learned Sugar Beet would be stewed and would share the dinner plate with a hash browned Spud, fried with onions in garlic juice.

The host served chocolate covered Tums for guests with tummy aches and milk ot magnesia half and half with rum for instant decaf. There were prune juice cocktails for the booze abusers crowd.

The food was great. All the meats and veggies met their fate. Best of all, the meal was cheap. All the guests fell asleep.


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