Monday, September 21, 2009


How dare those lame-brained insane idiot hypocrite misfit shieces of pit think because they were born with white skin they can sin, tell lies, defy the U. S. Constitution and turn their backs on a President who is black and is doing his best to save a democracy left in disarray by G. W. B., the worst president in our history?

Do they really believe only a corrupt, ucked fup like George Dumbya Bush, a Christian white Caucasian, is fit to run this nation? No misfit is fit to do the job as President, especially not an incompetent slob like the unelected selected pathetic wreck the Son of a Bush was destined to be.

Past presidents traditionally continue to serve voluntarily in any capacity they are qualified for. But what can Bush do? He’s not fit to mop the men’s room floor. Better George should stay on his Texass ranch picking up twigs and branches and whatever is left behind by horses trotting by.

It’s about time we face what Dumbya turned out to be.
Let his record be his legacy, eight years of incompetency and criminality.

It’s such a relief to be rid of the source of all our grief, thousands of GIs, allies and innocent enemies dead or maimed, grieving loved ones pained by the agony of deaths and suffering that need not be.

And anyone who loves the USA should revere the day Barak Obama decided to seek the presidency.


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