Thursday, September 10, 2009


In times like these when things are tough, some have too much, some not enough to feed and meet their family's needs.
The financially secure should care about the poor and insecure and realize it is not wise to greed for more and more when the economy Is on the brink of sinking into insolvency.

What happens when corruption and disruption halt growth of the economy? Both rich and poor, millions in between feel the pain when they see the drain of all they’ve gained in better years disappear before their eyes.

Why’s this happening in America? They want to know. Where did all the money go? Why are all stocks so low? Why have prices gone sky high when few can afford to buy basic necessities or a few low priced luxuries like an ice cream cone, a candy bar for two to share, new shoes for each to wear, a cheap cigar, gasoline for the family car?

Life is such an irony when you can’t buy clothes, homes foreclose and no one knows what tomorrow brings. Everything’s an awful mess. One day on the road to sure success, next you’re a failure looking for a job that’s just not there.

Does anybody care?


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