Monday, October 26, 2009


Whether I write fact or fiction fate will decide. It has been predicted that soon the world will no longer be here. Two thousand sixty will be its bye-bye time, as spelled out in rhyme by an ancient prognosticater. But he didn’t know where it will be after it is here no more.

I predict not just this world, but the entire universe won’t disappear, but will go to hell where it never rains or snows and the devil never will freeze his toes. Don’t fret about war or a falling star, a hurricane or torrential rain or a shimmy and shake quake, for goodness sake. These are things only God can make. Man will be the reason why the world will bid the universe goodbye.

A thousand or more centuries ago, a wise old man who predicted everything but the weather. got his act together, shut his eyes and what he saw in shock and awe was that an American president in the 21st Century would ignore the warning about planet warming which he found charming, disarming, but not alarming.

The next time the seer looked ahead everybody on Earth was dead and what had been the world was just a curled up earthworm recovering from a satellite storm.

Who was the seer who saw the whole world disappear? Have you ever heard of the great Professor C. Nostra Dumbass Guesser? He’s the guy who said bye-bye to the world in rhyme ahead of time.

What the professor failed to see was the universe being packed in a hearse, carted off to a bankrupt bank where it will remain until Uncle Sam goes insane in the brain and buys back the tanked bank with a SPUCKET of BIT and a three dollar bill.

All predictions will be proven fact or fiction in the nifty thrifty two thousand sixty. I can’t wait until that day, only about 50 years from now, give or take. WOW! I’ll be a kid of 180, + OR -, still blogging away. How about you?
Planets come and planets go, but there is one thing that we know---a million years from now nobody will SHIVE A GIT.


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