Thursday, October 29, 2009


While scientists strive to save lives of patients afflicted with cancer or other potentially fatal diseases, those with evil intent are bent on killing innocents to create terrorist incidents.

Suicide bombers clandestinely roam the enemy’s territory, sacrifice their lives to leave a trail of blood, gory and devastation
to be remembered by.

Why do waring nations have no regard for humanity and think the insanity of war is the only way to resolve differences of politics and religion which cause division among erstwhile friends and family? Why can’t responsible adults discuss, make decisions and agree both sides will abide by and at least give peace, togetherness and fairness a try?

Is life of such little worth that we must risk the future of this earth, given us in trust by the Lord, landlord of us all?

We all agreed at birth to respect God’s gift, the Universe, and the place in space we call Earth. We do not own the land, the sea, or any of the auxiliaries what ever they may be.

All these luxuries were loaned to us conditionally to use, not to abuse. As natural members of the family of humanity, man and woman, beast and bird, and every variation thereof, we are expected to honor and respect our sisters, our brothers and all the others.

Let us not forget our contract, on file in the Heavenly archives, can be terminated at the Creator’s will.


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