Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Ever since my momma and my poppa clinged together, ding-a-linged together, did this thing together and she pingedf and he popped, then he flopped off top and momma said "Don't stop!" But poppa was already snoring like a grizzly bear. Guess he didn't want any more.

Momma said again, "Don't stop!" Poppa woke up, asked, "Who are you, a traffic cop?" The creep went back to sleep. Momma sighed. "At least he tried. Maybe we made a baby, Now my insides must decide." He turned left. She turned right. Poppa said. "Turn off the light! Go to sleep!"

Momma kissed poppa on the ear. "Goodnight, my dear." Poppa didn't hear. Nine months later they had a son. Job well done.


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