Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Obama Dreaded Where We Were Headed

There was a time when decent , well meaning private citizens of good intent sincerely believed America was “not ready” for a black president.

Then an intelligent, persistent Democrat “man of color” who knew where America was at and dreaded where it was headed.
His time and opportunity to save the nation from distress was now or never if ever a black could prove able to clean up the mess left by an incompetant, anyone Christian, white and not so bright was good enough to handle (or mishandle) the tough job as the most powerful and influential (and incidentally, president) leader of the free world.

The Democratic Party had the foresight to help a bright new face to rewrite history and prove the fallacy of the fear that a black American could provide the imputes to end the world’s slide from recession into depression.

Barack Obama became the Democrat candidate. He offered a chance for change of a whole range of failed GOP policies and from Inauguration Day-plus. One, he has worked to get the job done. He cleared up flaws and made changes in laws because they were wrong and most of America agreed. They helped impede the slide and assure his administration will suceed.
Recovery has begun, but one thing seems to bedevil the dreams the President has for his contingency.

The president cannot avoid the problem of the unemployed. He has improved the nation’s occupation situation in some small ways. But is it possible with so much on his plate the obvious has escaped his attention.
The one subject that has not gotten adequate concern since the convention is the unemployment situation. Other than providing additional compensation little has been done.

There are thousands of essential potential jobs to be filled. Skilled and unskilled, they wait to fill the gap.
Is it possible President Obama can’t see the forest for the trees.

There are bridges falling down, crumbling roads all around, schools everywhere in need of repair, flood prevention calling for more attention, tornadoes, hurricanes and torrential rains, earth quakes that come and go and leave destruction in their wake.

These natural tragedies cause miseries, but they also make work from which we can not shirk. Every cent spent repairing the aftermath of natural events puts more dollars in circulation.

Paychecks upgrade the economy. Business big and small survive. The nation comes alive, Obamma’s met his goal. The economy is on a roll.


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