Friday, November 13, 2009

The Day My Wife Birthed Larry

The day my wife birthed Larry, my son, I knew that I was the lucky one. Over the years, this has been proven true. Let me tell the story of Lawrence Scott Weiland to you. I’m sure you’ll agree with me in what
I have to say today about my pride and joy, my birthday boy.
When Larry was about three or four I took him to a candy store to spend two pennies he had earned. That’s when he learned how how to make a deal and the power of money in the marketplace. The store was filled with customers, but Larry, undismayed, made his first deal. He banged his pennies on the counter repeatedly insistently,“MISS! MISS! MISS!”

A clerk responded to his demand. With the pennies clutched in his stretched out hand, Larry pointed to a candy bar, asked: “How much?” The clerk replied: “Five pennies.” My son looked at me pleadingly. I had no change, just two twenties and a credit card.
A customer saw my plight, gave my son a shiny dime, and walked away. “How ‘bout this?” Larry asked. The clerk took the dime, smiled, gave Larry five pennies change. The wheeler-dealer left the store, richer than before, eating a bargain candy bar.

My young financier went on to bigger, more profitable deals, his own expanding
newspaper route, cutting grass and outsourcing jobs he couldn’t handle, briefly as a diner busboy, then full time cook, a restaurant manager, franchisee owner and today, a top executive of the Golden Coral restaurant chain.

This is the story of a successful son anyone would be proud to claim. His name is just plain Larry to his friends.


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