Friday, November 20, 2009


I gaze into the midnight sky, amazed at what my eyes reveal to me. I realize that what I see is just a figment of infinity, the mystery and majesty that stares back at me.

I see a sea of stars far away, yet near enough so I can observe a single twinkling terrestrial world of wonder looking down at me. I have no inkling how the star got there or why I’m here.

If there’s intelligence elsewhere in the universe, are there beings just like me seeing what I see, wondering how this all came to be?

I believe in imagination, the motivation that inspires creation, and a mind to put it all in motion.

A notion to conceive an ocean, to excavate spans of land and mountains of sand, to turn fields of tangled vegetation into mighty nations with teeming, ever expanding and demanding civilizations, populations with complex systems of communications. Create fish and unlimited drops of water for them to swim and swish in and produce minnows to grow so fishermen will have batches of fish to catch and provide seafood to satisfy appetites with epicurean delights.

There must be land to stand upon, lots of lots for parking lots, roads and streets, real estate and factories, pool halls, shopping malls and slums where theieves prey night and day on the working poor and insecure.

It’s hard to believe this whole complicated place in empty space was conceived and created by the dedicated will and skill of a sainted soul.

This we know because the Bible says it’s so. Until science comes up with a better explanation, we’ll credit He who said it--- God, the master of Creation.


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That was so beautifully written, thanks for posting! It made my day.

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