Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Is it a sin to be poor and insecure? Is it a sin to be born in a slum? Not to know where your next meal is coming from? To settle for a crust or a crumb in a land where a full plate is a right? To live in a nation where most larders are full and for some, hunger is the general rule? To suffer scorn from the day you are born until the moment you die and ever know why? Is it a sin to be born in a skin the color of night while those of less worth arrive on this earth lilly white?

Is it a sin to be born not quite whole in a body out of control, stricken with a horrid disease for which a cure is unknown? To be anemic and weak and created wrong while others are strong and blessed with the best in health and wealth and never a test where you failed to excell. Are you born with a shame because your last name is the same as a man serving life for a crime he did not commit but cannot prove it and lives in a four-by-four cel, headed for hell, unless he can prove he’s innocent of murder and rape and the son of a bitch who pulls the switch is the jerk who came to work stinking of booze and used his cell to kill and tell a lie that condemned this innocent victim to die.


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