Monday, December 14, 2009


At the beginning of the beginning before the beginning began, God sat at His drafting board, bored by all the unexplored empty space his father, Father Time, had given him ”to make a place to populate the human race.”

According to God’s Master Plan, he would also become the first in an endless reign of Father Times. At the end of each year the son of the aging Father Time would appear to carry on the family legacy.
The Father Time at the time this is happening once again is being related to his son:

“Each year, on the eve of the first day of the year to come, at Midnight. the Child of Time will appear. He will grow old and gray by that year’s end with a long, long beard from here (he touched his nose) to here (he touched his toes).

“The wrinkles in his face will reflect the happiness, the pain and sorrow of each yesterday, today and tomorrow, as he and his year grew older, day by day. He will know the day his beard touches his big toe that it is his time to go to his eternal rest.

“Some day soon, perhaps a mere two million years from now, in keeping with tradition, Father Time, will declare his son inheritor of the coming year.

“You, as the son and future Father Time, will share with your sire the tradition of repetition until the final Father and son and all creation are no longer in the sky.

“But have faith, my son, the sky, though empty temporarily, will be waiting for this cycle of life to begin anew. We must believe, there will be another you, another me, to continue this tradition endlessly until even the sky will die as all things must do.

“But we mere creations cannot this decide. We must abide by the decision of He on High.”

The son of Father Time opened his mouth to speak. Tears rolled down his cheek. Father Time held up his hand and said to his son, the Father Time to be. “All your questions will be answered in good time. But I am weary and must rest. It’s your world now, my son. Do your best and you will be blessed in future time.

As the soon to be new Father Time kissed his father goodbye, the Father Time he loved dearly said, “Tell your son that Great Grand Father One Million One wishes him a very happy new year.”

Old Father Time heard the church bells chime. As angels welcomed in the brand new year, old Father Time closed his eyes, sighed and died.

A new year had begun and a new son would carry on the ancient tradition of the continuation of the family legacy and the preservation of humanity.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great story! Thank you for sharing a sweet look at Father Time and the transition to the new year.

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