Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Forget statistics, false or true, rigged to back a particular point of view. Whatever “THEY” used to say before Congress and the courts gave this humane surgical procedure its official OK more than thirty years ago. “THEY” show by their ignorance, by ignoring evidence and current common sense, that back alley butchery will not only cause death but will also result in unintended fatalities, lifetime disabilities or no possibility of pregnancy at a future, more opportune time in a woman’s prime to aspire to a welcomed pregnancy.

Often statistics of yesterday are not realistic in the present day in a woman’s reproductive years. In a weak economy, a couple might shun or delay starting a family until personal situations and conditions are resolved.

If President Obama gets his way, mated, dedicated adults will consult with a physician their decision to begin a family.
With the economy on the rise, a couple can plan intelligently and add to, or start, a family. And a growing population is good for the nation’s ecnomy.

As banks grant small business loans, the bare bones of a healthy and wealthy society will grow again just when it is needed most. Our elected president again was right. He defied the critics and won the fight because he was right all along and the GOP losers song was way off key.

Things are getting better day by day. There will be setbacks for Barack and the USA along the way, but that’s to be expected; Just be thankful voters rejected Republican FOOLOSOP‘HY and gave Obama time to save the USA.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Foolosophy is a great word! Thank you for your blogs!

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