Sunday, February 07, 2010


For better or for worse, God created the universe and everything on and in it. He knew He hadn’t created anything new except a few stars here and there and air where they could twinkle away. But this Planet Earth Project would be the greatest real estate He’d create since Heaven a mere trillion trillion years ago when even He didn’t know what brand new gods were supposed to do.

Creation was a revolutionary, scary innovation in the planetary profession of self expression. Could He be trusted to tackle such an undertaking, creating what never had been created before? Was His idle dream just a young god’s scheme and nothing more?

God stared at the rendering of His mental meanderings and wondered what they meant, but since He was sent by Up On High to prove his worth, Planet Earth would be his test and unless He wanted to be unemployed in the void, he’d better get going showing He had stuff enough to convert this clump of moon-dust into fertile fields of Earth’s rich earth.

God closed his eyes and visualized colors He didn’t know existed, vistas, hills and dales, winding trails, trees and flower. warm spring showers and cold winter snows. Fields of corn and wheat and rows of roses that rose from clover scattered over lawns that spread far beyond a sparkling pond to lakes and steams and mighty oceans in God’s dreams. “If this is the Earth that I perceive.” said He, “then it shall be my gift to Eternity. ”

But what God’s mind’s eye hid from view were waters red with flesh and blood, warriors, lying dead in mud, children crying for something to eat, bums in slums begging for crumbs and parades of devils beating blazing drums.

The smell of death and despair filled the air.

Listless, lifeless eyes stared everywhere. Voices asked for love but no-one cared.
No-one shared and no-one dared to reach out to the down and out or heard them shout, “Please God, save me!”


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