Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Thousands of bridges in the USA are in an advanced stage of decay or are candidates for catastrophe, crumbling or tumbling down like that span in London Town.

Millions of roads and thoroughfares, highways and byways between here, there and everywhere, are not worth saving and need more than repaving or pothole filling. They need millions of willing workers, unemployed, who would be overjoyed to earn their pay rebuilding the USA.

Politicians agree, but insist first we must plan carefully, assessed by trained technicians. When conditions improve we will move in that direction. Experts say it will take two years or more before work can begin.

Why two years? Why not now? How much planning do you need to come to the determination our transportation system is facing ruination? When an overloaded bridge caves in and riders cannot be saved from watery graves? When a bridge is fifty years old and mold sets in? When its trusts rust and it groans and creaks, it’s weak, a span that no longer can do what it used to do when it was new? It must be repaired or replaced. Until then it’s a tragedy waiting to happen.

When roads grow old, worn out by overuse, abuse and winter’s cold, the incidence of accidents with serious consequence can result in events of death at great expense.

Emergency facilities, power, sanitary and related utilities, education, recreation and communication services. all are vital to survival of a modern civilization.

They must be repaired, but only if there’s money in the budget to cover that expense. The investment all depends on dollars and cents, not need and common sense.

Isn’t it funny that an economy that can always find money for wars. exploring stars and foreign aid can’t afford to invest in what is best for American communities? Our quality of life must not be sacrificed to support others needs or corporate greed. While we assist our friends in foreign lands. we cannot abandon taxpaying citizens in our own backyard.

We look to Washington to decide. how to endure these troubling times we’re going through, sure they’re aware and care about
the nation’s need.

The wisest of the wise said, and all his colleagues. agreed: “WAR will reinvigorate the economy. That is sad. but that must be. We will win. of course, the strongest. force always does. will until...”

“Until?” the leader of the Minority asked.
“Until history must repeat itself.” the Wisest of the Wise replied.