Monday, March 29, 2010


Have ReDUMBLICANS lost their minds? Democrats hope so. Have they forgotten what a rotten presiDUNCE they dumped on the people twice by stealing votes and cooking books? If they have that’s why they are willing to try another stupid stunt so soon.

Now they dare to swear the vote declaring the health reform bill is unconstitutional. This from the regime that schemed and tried to ram the sham of illegal “presiDUNCIAl AL” scam down the throats of voters for eight stolen years.

Now, somehow, they’ve exempted themselves from guilt and attempted to use the document they bent and twisted to justify their right to illegally violate the dictates of our Founding Fathers.

They lied and cheated, misquoted and deleted phrase after phase in an attempt to make their case. When that didn’t work the jerks wrote about two hundred or more amendments on health reform, some that made no sense, others to destroy the original intent of what the President’s bill was all about.

It became obvious that many GOPers in Congress had never read the bill they rejected and expected no-one would detect their lack of intellect. Incorrect! Sharper eyes realized some amendments took positions opposed to what other GOP submissions supported, some opposed issues that never existed in the bill. Did amendment full of fitter submitters read what they allegedly wrote? Or was this all to delay action to the point of no return?.

These were just a few of the tricky politic maneuvers losers used when they didn’t have a clue what to do.

Never fear! The bill will pass this year and America’s and President Obama’s dream will be a reality.