Thursday, March 25, 2010


The GOP opposition is afraid to make a wise decision that could improve the failing economic condition plaguing the USA today.

They’re opposed to health care reform which should be the norm in this land of the free and the bulwark of the world democracy.

They spread the dread of socialistic control and a whole lot of terrorist rot and a desperate plot to blot one of the brightest events in the history of our land of freedom and equality.

The bottom line: Republican reactionary alarmists and political propagandists are not concerned with what might be lost. They care only about increases in their taxes and how it could affect their pocketbooks.

These health reform opponents resent the fact President Obama’s successful legislation will benefit the unemployed and uninsured. They fear the chronically ill will increase the cost of Medicare. They react with negativity. Students and families will be more secure and reassured by protection under federal law.

The GOP and the two percent minority don’t care about the millions retired and living on Social Security.

They’re the party of the ME! ME! ME! and the NO! NO! NO!
P. S.: The threats to assassinate supporters of health care reform and their families raised a storm from liberal Democrats and few Republicans. The GOP denied any responsibility for this shameful act. True. a few apologized. But who can accept their denial of this vile act? Is it Tricky Dick diplomacy all over again? Commit the crime. Then deny it. They try it all the time. We didn’t buy the lies of Watergate. the Swift Boat fiction, the Iraq War, the misquotes, lies and tries to twist the truth at the voting booth.

It never works. But the jerks do it constantly, Proof of their stupidity.


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