Thursday, April 01, 2010


Plant a seed in the Garden of Greed, cultivate it with hate and fertilize It with Republican lies and water it down with the
sewage and sludge at the bottom of the Devil’s well.

Where in hell is the devil now? He’s hosting a party for the GOP and major industry. The wealthy, healthy two percent and the seniors who don’t want to share Medicare with the chronically ill uninsured and/or unemployed who might be cured if they could pay their own way for pills, doctor bills, inflated hospital rates and long term care and still afford the basic expense Iike food and rent and have a few cents to put away for a rainy day.

But they cannot while those who got a little or a lot have put the poor on a spot, that’s what.

The greedy choose, The needy lose. Who’s in? Who’s out? No doubt about it. Pay up front or do without it.


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