Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Voters are a fickle lot. They opt for change. Ain’t it strange? They get what they want, now they want it not. They assumed their expectations would lead to immediate cuts in taxation and increased compensation. They were wrong. Now they want to go along with the opposition who, by its own admission, is out to give the rich and upper class all the breaks. The poor, insecure and uninsured get a pittance, an admittance of where Republicans are at regarding Democrats.

In France they said, “Let ‘em eat cake!” In the U. S. it’s “Let ‘em eat stale bagel mit a schmear with warmed over, second hand recycled beer.”

But do Democrats have a voice when tax bucks are squandered or laundered? Not when the GOP is on a spending spree,

Next time you vote select Democrats again. They won’t keep you guessin’ if depression or recession reappear.

Change costs more than pennies In your pocket. With luck, bucks invested today pay off big tomorrow and for many tomorrows to come.

Some sums come and some sums go and some become dot coms ot a recovering economy.


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