Friday, April 30, 2010


Israel and the Middle East may never achieve a lasting peace, but at least, for now, they must trust each other or smother in another senseless bloody war.

The only way to avoid a major confrontation is for our nation and Israel to see eye to eye on matters of brotherhood and humanity.

We can disagree on policy, the economy and military strategy. But when it comes to diplomacy that threatens democracy and the right to remain free, we and our allies must not rationalize by giving in to fools who change rules, to appease and please an unwise majority willing to compromise, who don’t realize there can be unanticipated consequences of abandoning common sense.

How many wars are lost at tremendous cost when intelligence loses out to ignorance!
Wars are motivated by greed and need for oil, fought by men who die on foreign soil. Both sides pray for peace. Many pay with their lives. Survivors endure years of pain and disability, a limited ability to cope or hope for a world free of war.

If Israel and America stand together in peace and war, and if other militarily strong nations go along, there’s possibility Arabs will choose hostility over the futility of another war.


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