Thursday, April 22, 2010


When you do the crime you serve the time. I'm all for that. It's only fair. Play the game and win? You're in like Flynn. Lose? Hoosegow is your bad news.

Try to scam Uncle Sam? Better take it on the lam. Get caught, go to jail. Dirty deal on the Dow? Worthless stocks pure manure. You confess? Cell in hell your last address.

Be a crook, cook the books? Caper looks good on paper. Investors gypped. You get tripped. Once high liver. Party giver. Take a trip down The River. Twenty years hard labor. Extra time for bad behavior.

Took the gift. Took the graft. Life a blast. All high class. All that past. Couldn't last. Like or not, sought and caught, Now you rot. What you got not what you thought you'd get. Ain't seen nothin' yet!

Politician on a mission. Fishin' expedition. Find a racket. Milk it dry. Be a wiseguy. Be a kidder, not a bidder. Be clever. Boost or bash whatever. Show me cash. Buy me booze. Pay for any cruise I choose. Send me call girls, buy me whores. All in secret behind closed doors. You pay this, you pay that. I deliver votes. fat contracts. We both get rich, we both get fat. No evidence. All off the books. Looks good? Shake, OK. Have a nice day, Mr, President.

NOTE: It's evident, no president ever went to jail. Never arrested, out on bail. Maybe impeached, forced to resign. But the pension. perks for life, a kind requiem when they die. That's the bottom line.


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