Monday, April 19, 2010


Happy Days are near again, cheer will soon be here again. Fear and trauma will be gone as Barack Obama carries on to a sunny, revitalized economy, all because he had the knack to bring the nation back.

Obama knew what had to be done and did it. He knew how to win and won it. Bush lacks, Barack reacts. Now red, the deficit may be gone one day and our economy will be back in the black, hopefully to stay.

From Day One Obama tried. Republicans lied, misunderstood. What the President did turned out good. He knew it would. So did the GOP, but they feared an Obama victory would spell a lot more distress for the “Party of No” that had no place to go but up. But once you’re this far down a turn around is an improbable possibility. Obama, with a smile did his best and all the opposition could do was protest, protest.

Millions invested to save the banks and ailing, failing industry apparently did the trick. The cash we loaned won’t be repaid in full on the quick, but as customers return and sales turn losses into profits it’s just a matter of time until every dollar and every dime is repaid with interest on the debt. Turns out, no doubt, Obama’s bet will pay A-OK!

Cash For Clunkers? It benefited car buyer,. sellers, wheeler dealers, bank loaners and the auto industry at a time when bankruptcy was knocking at Detroit’s backdoor. Now some production lines are on a roll and car makers are setting a goal for profits in a year, less or more.

With more car buyers, earnings of suppliers to industry and increased money feeding the economy, prosperity will again
soon be a reality.

In many ways Obama deserves praise for a job well done. If the Tea Party smarties and the GOP will stop telling lies about everything Obama tries and the greedy voters realize what’s good for one is good for all, we will soon stand tall the way we did when Bill Clinton and the Democrats gave us a surplus economy.

Then came the phony Dubya war and you know what that cost in thousands of GI lives lost, in suffering of grieving parents and close relations, in billions spent for armaments and war events that made no sense.

And how about the buddies in the killing fields who refused to yield to enemy fire? Many are dead, their blood runs red. Thousands have no homes to return to. They rest in graves in a land they fought to save but did not understand what it was all about.

What of the millions of civilian innocents, peasants whose presence in Iraq, Iran or Afghanistan whose lives are filled with incidents of violence and misery, of poverty. of continuing tragedy? Why must they face death day after day? Is there no way they can be free, can know a life of happiness, free of stress, unsure of when each breath will bring them one step closer to an untimely death? Must death be their destiny, suffering their legacy?

And the Iraqi victims of a war who paid with their lives for the lies of an American president’s dishonesty and an industry’s warmongering greed beyond the need of normalcy?

Is death and disaster the 0nly master of the universe where life goes from bad to worse and civilizations suffering from starvation and degradation facing dislocation and evacuation from hovels they called homes and now are forced to roam aimlessly from place to place without space to embrace their family in love and security, to say, “Here we stay and no one can make us move away. Until we decide to abide somewhere we would rather be, gather around me, family. Be brave. One day we will be free.Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Do the best you can. YES YOU CAN! YES YOU CAN!”

Say a prayer. One day it all will be over over there.


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