Saturday, April 24, 2010


God was Himself a being of creation, the first divine in what would become an endless line of human kind designed identically with the same body parts---lungs to distribute air and assist the heart in pumping blood, this life sustaining fluid throughout the body, known as the anatomy.

God knew He was sent to this empty place in space to create everything it would need to succeed now and in the unlimited time to come. God did not know how, but He sensed He would be given the power to create when the hour to create would begin.

God was created with knowledge. He was the first of a new species known as “Male” and knew He would prevail the Powers on High but as He scanned the empty sky, He wondered why He was granted the power of creation and the imagination to do what He had to do---the whole goal suddenly flashed in words into the memory of His mind.

“Ye. Oh God of the Universe, shall create from fury and fire, flames raging higher than the eye can see more stars than fish can swim in all the oceans and the seas. Mighty trees will burn and crash and turn to ash.

Waves from seas and oceans yet to be will drench the land and and quench the flames and whirling floods Will send their steam into the air.

Finally, a few centuries later after a series of earthquakes and severe shakes that left breaks and lakes in their wake the ground settled down as massive fields of gray and brown until tiny leaf filled twigs broke through the rock and sand and began to grow into plants and trees of giant size, as yet not seen by eyes of beast or man but they were part 0f God’s creative plan to add greenery and eventually a variety of living beings with many of the same things God possessed---eyes to see, ears to hear. a brain to explain pain and strain, a need for frequent rest so the limbs could do their best to meet the tests the creatures would face on this planet Earth.

How did God acquire the power to create the great universe when He had never seen such sights before? Would his power lead a to more unheard of miracles? A ball of fire so vast that its cast its light on all the stars turning day into night and day to night and traded place with the moon who all too soon changed its shape and size moving through the midnight skies trading places the ball of fire; How did God know. Why are these two objects of of God’ \s imagination and filled with raging flame ball of fire called the sun that warmed the planets, ever so.


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