Saturday, May 08, 2010


It’s probable, it’s possible, it’s incredible, but not inevitable that the End of Days is on its way.

The year and day are hard to say in spite of precise predictions and Biblical convictions God conceived and are believed by most but not by all.

Historians have been so wrong so long about Dooms Day’s Day of Retribution that any contribution they project would be suspect and more than likely, incorrect.

Then, the questions are not when, but why and how and will God allow this catastrophe to be? The Why? God alone knows and He is wise so anyone who tries to second guess Him, God bless him, will probably make the same mistake the devoted made when they voted for war, misquoted the Bible and denied His justifiable reasons why His act is based on these simple facts: there are too few who trust that He is just and will do what He must do to cleanse the world of greed and lust, that it’s a sin to violate the Commandment “Thou shalt not kill,” and to love, not hate a single soul and is the responsibility of one and all. To cherish the land on which we live and give back to it gratefully and willingly. To be thankful for its greenery and scenery.

So many have done so much to destroy the Earth.Two few respect its worth not in oil or gold, but as a place to hold your head up high, to embrace the gift of life until you die and say goodbye, perhaps with a sigh, but not a tear and a thank you to the Lord that put you here.

It’s not too late to change the fate of the Universe. The When and How are now up to you and all Humanity to prove your worth as children of God on Planet Earth. And if all comply. God is kind and should change his mind and grant the world one last chance.


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