Wednesday, May 19, 2010


As a senior citizen it is my intention to call attention to more effective prevention and try to stem a possible tide of epidemic infection of unendurable dimension.

In my frequent hospitalizations for non-fatal infections and accidents like crashing into walls and falls due to my carelessness and clumsiness have left my muscles in an awful mess.

In my residence in a home where elder occupants persist in very unsanitary practices and endanger the health and wholesomeness of the rest of us.

I’ve written about those who blow their nose in paper napkins and spit in disposable paper and plastic plates and leave possible spreadable germs behind without caring about who or how many their neglect could infect.

The response of irresponsible diners and whiners: waiters should wash their hands to prevent disease spreading incidents.
How many irresponsibly neglect to wash after they wipe, are in a rush and don’t bother to flush, who are aware of germs in the air but just don’t seem to care?

I’m not just a crabby old guy. I care about the health of my community and national immunity. I’ll persist to insist others who resist their irresponsibility by refusing to take this matter seriously must wake up and see the potential disaster that could wipe away a significant segment of innocent humanity.

Massive waves of death that could have been saved occurred many times in history as rodents thrived on debris that littered streets, people ate spoiled meats, polluted water was in common use and health rules were abused.

Lack of effective medication and non-existent sanitation once wiped out half the world’s population. Could similar tragedy happen again? It might if we don’t do what’s right.


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