Sunday, June 20, 2010


As a senior citizen who has reached the age of 87, a year closer to Heaven. or wherever we go after we’re no longer here, I worry what will be for those who survive after we are gone.

I am not a lawyer or physician, a CEO or politician or anyone in a position to leave a multimillion dollar legacy to my family. I’m just a guy who worked to pay his way with a little help from the SSA, the VA and an investment or two to see me through.

I lost a bundle on the bubble, got out of trouble on a boom, survived through doom and gloom. Made a bit, lost it, quit Dow Jones, avoided loans, lived bare bones.

I’d like to know before I go if the market’s on the mend, there are fewer catastrophes like oil spills, incurable ills, unreasonable doctor bills. Let national health not lose its battle with greed and selfish wealth and let us say a prayer for cleaner air and pollution free waterways and better days for all humanity.

Will there be no more wars? Will electric powered cars eliminate the need to sate big oil’s greed? Will seniors live longer? Will the young grow stronger? Will there be more joy for every girl and boy? Will people embrace with a smile on every face?

Will all lands join hands to expand research in outer space? Will we find answers to cures for cancer and every other dread disease?

Will the flowers and trees, the birds and bees, the creatures on land and in the seas live oil free? Will the rains be gentle and the wind be a breeze? These are things I pray will be for every one. You who follows every Me in the search for a truly human humanity.

When this better world becomes a reality I’ll be ready to enter eternity, confident I spent my years on Earth worthy of my right to be part of the Heavenly community.


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