Sunday, June 27, 2010


Deep sea drilling in the Gulf is killing fish and fowl, many an industry and the world’s economies.

So why mess around with wells deep in the seas when energy sources abound in the ground, in the air and anywhere the sun shines bright, the wind blows day and night and our nose knows it’s right beneath our toes in garbage dumps, in waste pumped from toilet outlets and littered by pets who use the avenues to defecate.

And what about the zoos where elephants wear no pants and leave big gassy lumps of “you know what” that smells like hell but can, hear tell, become gas if what the pachyderm leaves behind is refined.

In fact. the end result of this act by all beasts big and small could reduce our use of fossil fuels an awful lot. So why let this excretion at completion go to pot when it can help a lot to solve the problems that we’ve got?

If that smelly stuff is not enough to call the Arab’s bluff, the nation’s got plenty natural gas to last twenty years or more and it won’t pollute our shores.

There are all sorts of sources and untapped forces we can employe so once more we’ll be able to enjoy a weekend at the shore, driving to the ice cream store, spending more for fun and game. Things will be the same as it was ‘way back when. Life will be good again. At last the past has passed.

Have no fear. The future's here to stay. Oil has it's day. Renewable fuel will be the rule. And a war-free world is finally a reality!


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