Monday, July 12, 2010


What a wonderful world this could have been if there were no wars to lose or win, no-one to die before their time, no big time crime, no minor offenses, no accidents or unanticipated consequences, no disease or killer bees, no fattening foods or calories.

What if there were no hops for brewing beer and ingredients for all the booze to celebrate good news and cheer each New Year without fear of rising prices, droughts and floods the world can do without?

Of course water’s a necessity for quenching thirst of man and beast, for trees and all God’s greenery. To replenish and refresh the waterways where fish swim and play and go to school and evil greedy men thoughtlessly, carelessly, impatiently drill for oil in the once pristine seas.

In the process, they make a mess of the ecology, pollute the shores, bankrupt stores and do scores of things that bring down the Dow and lots of stocks and put a wealthy nation on the rocks.

What about devastating rains or hurricanes, heavy snows, tornadoes or a wind that blows and weather so cold it freezes the nose and toes and all the wheat and corn that grows, destroy the greens kids and teens and elders, too, need to feed themselves and their families?

When the Universe was created. God could have abated a lot of troubles by not inventing flies and fleas, worms and killer germs and all sorts of insects that affect and infect all creation.

Why did He bring nicotine and caffeine on the scene when water and Coca cola would have been enough to quench and drench our thirst and do our laundry?

Was God in such a rush and quandary that He overlooked all the books that would be written in praise of aqua, pasta, matzoh ball, knishes, gefilta fish, pizzas and all the other American dishes?

It’s said it takes a good man to admit his mistakes. Can the Master of the Universe, for better or for worse, concede He’d erred a bit in the six days it took to finish His task? is it fair to ask, did God grant man the power to decide his fate one night when it was late and He wasn’t thinking straight?. Or did He actually believe Man, created in His image, would have God-like ability to determine his own destiny? Will the day come when His wisdom in this respect will prove to be incorrect?

Is it too late to expect God to uncreate His mistake and alter His decree to grant man the ability to control his future independently? Would this one miscue lead humanity to its Waterloo? Would He still be around and sound of mind in the coming age of terror to answer to this fatal error?

How could even God, the wisest of the wise. realize in the Year One, beyond eons unknown, what the world would be like in this, the early days of the twenty-first century?

If God knew, and is true to his calling why does He not act to exact retribution from the sinners and reward the winners for a job, even if not well done, at least they tried to abide by rules that benefit all humanity.


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