Friday, October 01, 2010


I crave a cup of pee producing tea, not a lot, a half a cup will do, a sip, a spot will perk me up alot when am doing the town in my browsing gown, hanging down around my icebound chilly cheeks.

Is it against the law to thaw? Tea or any other brew will do until the dew says howdyDEW to Spring, Booze or tea or any other brew will have to do until Summer heat comes by to greet my frozen feet. The liquids drip past my lips to my hips to warm my thighs and those two little side by side guys to my icy toes, bouncing up to knocking knees with icicles dripping everywhere in polluted body odor air causing endless FROZEestration.

I still drink tea and have the same old VERY URINARY liquidation stimulation, so BRIRRR in mind the following flowing QUART-tations.

THE BODY SAYS: “When you gotta go you oughta know. If you forget you’ll get all wet. Stay dry and let the Arabs sweat and burst in their bubble. If the seas go dry and, oh my gracious, not an oasis any places or a Walmart mirage will be there to massage their camel's humps or change the water in their CaddiLICKS? And where will they rent tents at ten cents on the worthless Yankee dollar?”

MOTORMOUTH SAYS: “Oil costs a lot of dough so pump slow and let Chrysler, Ford. GM, BPee and all the oil toiler spoilers industry know what they owe you and me and this world’s troubled economy.

“Eventually this kick in the gas will pass, but then where will the Arabs be? Up CRIT SHEIKH without a rich desert man in the sand to tell all their BUBBLE troubles to.”


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