Monday, March 11, 2013


(Probably one of Ed's last Post. He died at 88 and 1/2.)

Wegads was on the blink, I think. because I  mizzspelled misspelled the word misspelled.  Printers can print but they learn to spell at night but not during the day.  We  worked night and day.  Thats how we learn to spell krectly.     

There are other reasons why my blogs have been delayed. I  fell and broke my wrist and since my wrist is attach to my hand and my hand attached to my wrist I had to be careful how I spell misteaked  mistake.  

To tell the truth my wife was a better speller than I  was so I always blamed my spelling on her  and I miss her very much.  On Sunday June  19 I will be 88 years old and I  will miss her even more.