Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Why oh why do all birds fly? Some fly high and some fly low and some just go to and fro. Most stay near their nest. They cannot rest and do their best when they stray here and there and everywhere in the air, swooping down to end their fast for a breakfast treat of meaty worms and sweets that creep on city streets.

 Some birds circle, others swoop to do their thing on the wing in answer to nature’s call. Could they do all sorts of flying just by trying this and that? That I doubt. I figured it out. Each bird was born to do certain things with their wings. How high to fly, how to do it.  They aren’t designed to have a mind to try to fly another way.

Another thing, puzzling at first: why do some birds quench their thirst by sucking up the morning dew while others wait for  rain? Can someone explain that aviary mystery?

 Some species drop their feces in the grass, some flying through the air, anywhere or, instead, defecating on the heads of people passing by. Why?

This too is so. Birds fly to where they go and are smart enough to know the route to take without mistake and not get lost along the way.

(Why do all birds sing  different songs?  I’ll tell you soon, so string along.)

Now back to bird elimination. I believe birds relieve themselves prematurely due to lack of proper medication. They gotta go and cannot wait until hey get to where they’re going to go to go.

How they know the route to fly without a map or the AAA is hard to say, but my guess is God blesses each birdbrained creation with that information while they’re still in incubation. Between the moment of fertilization  and when they crack their shell and come out to Earth they’ve already gotten their DNA donation. They know  every thing about bird births worth the knowing. So they’re going into life prepared for flying in the air, how to fly, how to go and what they’ll find when they get there.

One more thing: why birds all sing a different tune, some chirp, some peep (do some talk or sing in their sleep?) Geese honk, ducks quack and roosters crow, but I lack knowledge why owls ask “Who?“ and I wonder what they would do if they knew.

Why don’t all birds sing the same? The answer came to me in a prayer. Birds all were born in different places of separate             races and talk in different words only understood by birds of their ethnicity. Each is born of special breed and pleads
his/her prayers in their native tongue.
Each bird prays to God as best he/she can and He always understands. The same is true of animals in the zoo and jungles, too.


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